Thursday, February 17, 2011

An American Oriental Meal

It's Quick. It Uses Simple Ingredients. Its relatively cheap.

I use 2 c Water
1 C White Long Grain Enriched Rice

Microwave @ 5 min @ High , then 15 @ Med

1/2 a Link of Cheese Sausage or Regular Polish Sausage
Sliced into 1/8 inch medallions then quartered

Micro @ med for 5 min

2 C of Birdeye Stir-Fry Vegetables
Micro @ Med for 5 Min

(I often buy this Birdseye Vegetable mix , not for Stir-Fry , but because it has a quick mix of tasty veggies i cant find in regular mixes , I do not use the enclosed sauces as they contain wheat)

Cook everything Separately , then Mix.

I call it an American Oriental , Because its an odd mix , definitely not oriental , definitely american.

Easy & Gluten Free !!

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