Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How to set up a Household Management Dashboard w/ Igoogle

I know , a household management dashboard ? Right ? I have used notebooks , I went the long binder route  I did the Folders. In the end I always wind back up at the dashboard setup. It's just easier than clipping and filing and printing. Its also much cheaper. What about those offline days ? Well then I go right back to my sticky notes. Oh reliable little bits of paper.

So I am going to lead you through How to set up a Household Management Dashboard using igoogle , a free service from google.


Part I - Setting Up The Household Management Tab

A pace to remember our tasks
The Main Staple of this Task is adding the To-Do Gadget  and Setting up a list for Monthly / Weekly and Daily Tasks as well as a Task list for incidental tasks. I add this gadget 4 times so that I can set each notepad to a specific page.

Part II - The Finances Tab

Here we use 2 widgets , one to track finances and one to give us frugal tips.
I use  The Expense Manager Gadget


The Freakishly Frugal Tips Gadget

Part III - The Family Planning Tab

I Use the Calendar Gadget
Pregnancy Tracking Gadget

Part IV - Meal Planning

I use My Notes to jot down meal plans and grocery Lists

I have a few other tabs as well one full of reminders and calendars and one that just links me to my favorite places.

Tell Me About YOUR home Management System !!!

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